Pre Development Meeting Request

All persons planning to construct, demolish, or renovate buildings or property within the PWSA service area are requested to complete this predevelopment meeting request form. This form provides the basic information needed to schedule a meeting with the PWSA to discuss the proposed project, the water and sewer infrastructure needed to support the project, and regulatory requirements that may apply.

All required documents must be attachments to the email submission.  PWSA staff will not be able to see any message written in the body of the email, so please use the Comments Section of this document to communicate if needed.

The PWSA Engineering Staff (or representative) will review the application and respond to each request within ten (10) business days. Upon confirmation of developer supplied information, PWSA will schedule a meeting with the Engineering Staff to discuss the approval processes.  The meeting will conclude with PWSA strategic observations and suggestions to optimize your project's permitting requirements.

Any questions can be emailed to Julie Asciolla at or mailed to her attention at PWSA 1200 Penn Avenue Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.